Frequently Asked Questions

What exclusive vendors must we use?

The only exclusive vendor aside from us (for catering and rentals) is Premiere Lighting. All lighting additions are provided by Premiere. Because The Colony House is a historical building, we have a tricky power grid. Mark and his team have mapped out all packages and managed circuits to ensure uninterrupted power during your event.

What can be booked with an outside vendor?

Everything else can go through an outside vendor—floral designer, DJ, live band, photographer/videographer, cake/dessert, and coordination. We have many vendors we work with often, and if you need any references, we will be happy to provide a list!

Do you require a wedding coordinator?

We do require at least a day‐of wedding coordinator at our venue. The two requirements are that they have liability insurance and are not an invited guest to the wedding. The minimum duties required of the coordinator will be listed in our contracts. Our Venue Manager or their Event Producer are on‐site to ensure that everything discussed with catering and the venue are correct, but we do not coordinate with your other vendors, run your rehearsal, set up any personal décor, etc. This is where a wedding coordinator comes in very handy! We have many great coordinators we work with if you need any suggestions.

Do you require insurance for my vendors?

We do require a $1,000,000 policy of General Liability Insurance for each of your vendors that will be on‐site during your event. This includes (but is not limited to) DJ/band, coordinator, florist, photographers, videographers, photo booth, etc. Your bakery, hair & make‐up artists, and officiant do not need insurance.

When can my vendors arrive on site to start setting up for my wedding?

Your vendors can arrive starting at 10:00am. Please note that our staff places the linens down 2 hours prior to your wedding, so centerpieces can be added to the tables at this time.

What is required to book my wedding at The Colony House?

In order to secure your wedding date with us, we will need your signed 24 Carrots contract, the venue contract, and your booking payment. If you book your wedding more than 6 months out, the payment required is 20% based on your total event value. If you book your wedding within 6 months, the payment required is 50% based on your total event value.

Do we get to taste the food before our wedding day?

Absolutely! We can set up tastings a couple different ways:

1) If you would like to taste the food prior to booking the venue, we charge $95+ per person, but we will refund two tasting spots (the couple) if booked.  **Please note that our tasting rooms tend to book out 1-2 months ahead of time.

2) If you decide to book the venue before finalizing the menu (this is what happens most often), you will have a complimentary tasting for you and your fiancé, 2 additional guests, and coordinator (5 people total). The tasting typically takes place about 4 months prior to your wedding date.

Right now, we just have an estimated guest count. Is it okay if our guest count goes up or down after we book the venue?

Once you book the venue, the guest count cannot drop by more than 10%. For example, if you’re estimating 100 guests, your guest count cannot drop below 90 guests. If it does drop below 90 guests, there will be a surcharge added to your contracts. You can, however, add guests up to our max capacity without any penalty fee!  We realize you’re at the very preliminary stages of planning your day, so we always recommend signing a little lower than your anticipated guest count.  Once your RSVPs come in, we can increase as needed!

When is the final guest count and payment due?

The final guest count and payment is due 2 weeks prior to your event. This ensures we can place all of your orders with food, drinks, and rentals in time for your event.

What is the cancellation policy?

If you cancel more than 30 days before your event, all payments made will be forfeited. If you cancel within 30 days of your event, the full balance of your event will be due to us.

Where do my guests park for the wedding?

The use of the private lot onsite is included in your venue fee. This lot can accommodate vehicles for up to 250 guests for a wedding, and 115 guests parking individually (typically, corporate events). Self‐parking is most common; however, valet service can be provided through The Colony House for an additional fee. Overnight parking is allowed until 10:00 am the following day.

Are we allowed to hang décor from the beams?

Absolutely!  Only professional vendors are permitted to hang décor from the beams as long as it is not permanently damaging. Zip ties, twine, and fishing wire are popular options. The Colony House does not provide any set-up equipment, and ladders will need to be provided by your vendors.

Is there a plan in place in case of rain?

Although we do live in sunny Southern California, it does rain every once and a while. If there happens to be rain in the forecast, we will utilize the loft and lobby. This works very well! Because of the curved shape of the patio and permanent market lighting, we refrain from tenting.

Are pets allowed?

ADA-compliant service animals are welcome!  Because we are a food facility, non-ADA-complaint pets are only allowed during the ceremony. They must not arrive more than 30 minutes prior to the ceremony and will need to be in a crate until the ceremony begins. Once the ceremony is over, the pet will need to leave the property for the remainder of the event.

Are we allowed to have our rehearsal at The Colony House?

Yes! We allow a one-hour rehearsal in the space. All bookings for rehearsal time and date are conditional on the space being utilized for another event. We will confirm the date of your rehearsal one month prior to your event.

What is the curfew at The Colony House?

All music must end by 12am. After this, your vendors have one hour to strike the space.